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Chiller truck The Republic of South Africa launched a cold Chain in Dubai in May 2020 where they told the Middle East that they would expect significant growth in the UAE’s food and beverage supply sector.

According to the Co-founder of Cold Chain Abhishek Ajay Shah “One of the world’s rapidly growing population, 80% rely on mega-events, and imported foods such as Dubai Expo 2020 on the horizon, RSA Cold Chain wants to launch its businesses in a region where they dire need of more professional reefer supplier management facilities.”

RSA  facilitates 21,000 pallets with a range of initial capacity of 10,800 pallets combined with state-of-the-art, end-to-end 3PL services for packaged meals, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and frozen edibles. The stock house comprises separate eight compartments, which are built in the form of an ammonia-based system that helps every room to lower its temperature than 25 degrees.

Shah says that RSA Cold Chain tries to fill the gaps among its customer services. According to his research, it is still in its early stage in the Middle East and they are now in the right place at the right time. Further, he says that his priority is to focus on a fast-growing solution with quality food companies in the sector. It adopts such a procedure through which they get edibles from sea to air within the hour.

Important factors of Cold Chain Expo 2020 in the Middle East:

1) Focus on Energy well-organized Refrigeration:

During the exhibition, Shah said that its key priority is to focus on those region companies that give its customers the best quality edibles with well-organized Refrigeration.

2) The uses of Air curtains to reduce Thermal Energy losses in the Retail Sector:

They use an ammonia system based in the room through which they control the room temperature as low as 25 degrees. For controlling room temperature they use a cross-dock which gives a temporary storage facility to reduce thermal energy losses. They can also use Active and semi-active devices to measure the Physical dimension.

3) About Deficiency and Reliability in the food Retail Business:

Most suppliers make mistakes when they believe that they can easily run their supply system, especially when they don’t have the proper resources to access their network such as equipment, well-trained employees. Food companies must focus not only on their business but also on their management, so they would give excellent products to their customers. “Kalisching” secretary-general of the global non–profit Cool Chain Association says that the reefer system aims to remove waste products from edibles and focus on reliability.

4) Role of Digitization

As per cold chain Expo 2020  in the Middle East, through digitalization, they can prepare items within the hour with an outstanding quality range and they built 8 chambers where they can save food with low temperature.

5) Revolution and Management:

TGA Sensors has developed a state-of-the-art solution that introduces the first fully automated and customizable RFID / NFC temperature logger in a flexible sticker at low cost from production to consumption. They can use such a TAG on their pallets and boxes through which they measure temperature variation in delivery trucks, shipment, and stock houses.  You can activate this TAG through a smartphone and the supervisor can hold its transport with a high grade to its customers.

6) Special impact of Cold Chain:

It has a special impact to preserve meals from integrity and provide the product with up to the mark quality range. They adopt such digital techniques through which they preserve edibles, and they give their customers fresh food items. Many well organized andlegal cold chain companies are on the way offering their best services for the purpose.

7)  Cooling Produce is key to Marketing Success:

As we know that cooling plays an important role in preserving meal items for a long time especially meat and chicken. Cooling can be in different types like room cooling, hydro cooling, force air, and ice. So, the cooling role is key to marketing success for Food Factories.

8)  Stock house Automation in the Cold Chain

Freezer transportation designed stock houses in such a way where they can use the dynamic and semi-functional instrument to measure all physical parameters. It uses an ammonia-based system which helps to maintain room temperature where they preserve all products easily, car loan.


To sum up all this for making reefer system Expo 2020 in the Middle East, its primary aim is to provide people’s pure food with fine resources because this is the only thing that directly affects human health. Along with our health, there is a risk of billions of dollars, so we need to give such food to our nation, which gives them a healthy life. For this purpose, we need to be a part of the Cold Chain where we can learn how to grow fresh foods and vegetables quickly on daily bases and also learn different techniques to preserve all products.

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