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Tips for maintaining the cold chain in food transport

Today we are living in a globalized world where everyone can order products from anywhere. These goods includes normal and perishable items. In order to deliver these goods without risk of falling damage or rotten, they must be transported in a temperature controlled vehicles. The customer satisfaction is depended on freshness and timely delivery of goods but it is not an easy task especially in case of perishable goods. As a businessman, you can’t afford to deliver goods fall short of customer expectations.

Foods such as meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, processed foods and medicines needs special transportation mode i.e. chiller trucks and vans to keep them in an optimal state. These trucks are specially built to move perishable goods from one place to another with extreme care and controlled temperature. Chiller trucks are become an integral part of the supply chain and it is not possible to deliver perishable goods without them.

It is the most difficult task for any company or businesses to choose the right vehicle to deliver the goods to its destination especially when you have to consider the element of cost. For businesses, it is better to take assistance from professionals and experts to understand, what is required to meet your delivery needs because type of vehicle i.e. chiller truck & chiller van depends on the goods that will be transported, keeping in view distance and environment. Proper safety and health needs to be maintained while transporting perishable goods.

While delivering perishable goods one must take into account whether you will be delivering goods locally or long distance. These trucks needs proper maintenance for correct electrical functioning throughout the trip. Those trucks used to deliver goods locally, may not be able to deliver goods long distance.

Types of Trucks.

Isothermal truck:

This type of vehicle has a special box with insulating walls, which maintains the temperature of the box, preventing heat from affecting its contents.

Refrigerated truck:

Refrigerator trucks uses a cold source to keep the box at a certain temperature, which ranges between 7 and -20 degrees, depending on the type of vehicle.

Refrigerant truck:

This type of truck has a refrigeration system capable of maintaining temperatures ranging from 12 degrees to negative 20 degrees, depending on the type of vehicle.

It is not easy and affordable for many businesses to have these trucks. We are providing these refrigerated truck for rent in Dubai for those business, who can’t afford to but these trucks. We have latest trucks available for our customers.

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