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Some Interesting Facts about Refrigerated Transport

It won’t be unjust to say that refrigerated transport has a long history associated with different forms of transportation. With the passage of time, it has become a separate industry and thousands of people are now attached to it. The cooler refrigerated transportation is, the cooler are its facts. Below, you can find some interesting facts about the journey of refrigerated transportation:

  • In the past, all farm products couldn’t last for more than 50 miles distance because of not having any cooling facilities. Now, any product can be preserved at a controlled temperature for even months. Refrigerated trucks are also in use to make sure that a product isn’t spoiled during transportation.
  • The first documented use of refrigerated transport is from the mid of the 1800s. There used to be some trains and railroad cars, which were used to transport meat, milk, and other food items to other cities. To maintain a cool temperature, they would use huge blocks of ice-cubes and keep them near the edibles so that they may not get spoiled.
  • Fredrick Mckinley Joney invented the first-ever automatic mechanical refrigerated truck. He was a black African-American who has up to 60 patents on his name. He also founded the US Thermo Control Company that is also known as ‘Thermo King’.
  • Today, throughout the world, more than 35 million refrigerated containers are shipped annually and the numbers are increasing day by day.
  • A modern refrigerated truck has its power source that maintains a cool and fresh temperature inside the container.
  •  Another name of the refrigerated truck is ‘Reefers’. Other common names used in different countries are ‘Chiller Trucks’, or ‘Freezer Trucks’. 
  • Other than general food items, people also hire refrigerated trucks to ship other products such as perfumes, flowers, medications, artwork, honey bees, etc.
  • Regarding the temperate, a refrigerated truck can maintain different temperatures as per the need of the items. The deep freezing temperature happens to be -20 degrees.
  • The life of refrigerated trucks is quite long if they are provided good care and maintenance.

With all these interesting facts, refrigerated trucks are playing an important role in the shipping industry as sensitive items are easily transported to all parts of the world without having them spoiled. However, the quality of the container and its set temperature should be perfect. For that, you need to hire refrigerated trucks from a professional rental company!

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