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Importance of Cold Chain During Transportation of Perishable Goods

In order for food to reach distribution stores in optimal consumption conditions, it is essential to maintain the cold chain during transport. Perishable foods such as fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, as well as frozen products, must be stored at controlled or freezing temperatures. If necessary conditions are not maintained, they could cause decay, uncontrolled maturation and leads to the appearance of bacteria that is dangerous for public health.

The cold chain is the process made up of each of the phases that make up the refrigeration or freezing process necessary for perishable or frozen food to reach the consumer in total safety. In other words, all the elements and activities necessary to guarantee the quality and safety of a food’s health, from its origin to its consumption.

A fundamental aspect is that it is about maintaining the temperature, not about cooling. The aim is to preserve the conditions of the product from the point of collection to the final delivery point. For this reason, the cold chain must be guaranteed from the moment the goods are picked up by the delivery agent until the final delivery.

Therefore, when transporting food, we will need refrigerated trucks and vans that adapt to the temperatures of the products. These vehicles must adapt to the refrigeration required by each type of food and establish a list of temperatures at which the different products must be transported classified as perishable. In addition to vehicles, the plants must also be at the temperature required by the product: areas for frozen products, areas for refrigerated products, areas for products that must not exceed 25 degrees Celsius.

Loading and unloading operations must be carried out as quickly as possible, avoiding a change in food temperature. In fact, it will be the responsibility of the personnel carrying out the loading and unloading operations that these operations are carried out without altering the storage conditions of the products. The truck doors must not be opened before the immediate loading or unloading time. In the event that the vehicle transports goods for more than one dealer, after each unloading, the doors will be immediately closed and the cooling equipment will be restarted.

The simultaneous transport of different types of chilled food is authorized, provided that the transport temperature of each are compatible and that they cannot be subject to mutations produced between them, such as odors, dust and organic or mineral contamination. Therefore, it is recommended to use right refrigerator truck to deliver goods from one place to another especially in those countries where temperature remains hot like gulf countries. Those companies who can’t afford to buy these trucks, can easily get refrigerated truck for rent in Dubai at reasonable rates and deliver the goods at right time in good condition.

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