Top 4 Tips for Maintaining Chiller Vans

The use of chiller vans has become inevitable in today’s time when food and goods have to be transported from one country to another, dedicated days for transportation of perishable items. In simple words, without you hire chiller vans, the food or any other perishable item you are transporting will be wasted, and all your efforts […]

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What Makes A Refrigerated Transport Company The Best?

Do you know that almost one-third of fresh vegetables and fruits, produced all around the world, end up in waste due to below-par quality drop? The primary reason for such food losses is mostly the nonprofessional refrigerated transport services, mishandling and use of dysfunctional equipment as well as mismanaged operation procedures. Unfortunately, most of the […]

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How To Rent The Best Refrigerated Truck For Your Goods?

rapidly transforming UAE market fully realizes the significance of the cold chain system. It is an economic catalyst for businesses and industries of varying nature. The rental business of refrigerated trucks, chiller vans, or trailers has proved to be extremely crucial for the trading of perishable products that are imported and exported in the UAE. […]

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Tips for maintaining the cold chain in food transport

Today we are living in a globalized world where everyone can order products from anywhere. These goods includes normal and perishable items. In order to deliver these goods without risk of falling damage or rotten, they must be transported in a temperature controlled vehicles. The customer satisfaction is depended on freshness and timely delivery of […]

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Importance of Cold Chain During Transportation of Perishable Goods

In order for food to reach distribution stores in optimal consumption conditions, it is essential to maintain the cold chain during transport. Perishable foods such as fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, as well as frozen products, must be stored at controlled or freezing temperatures. If necessary conditions are not maintained, they could cause decay, uncontrolled […]

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Why delivery of goods in control environment is important

There are many companies that are providing wide range of services to help individuals and companies to move goods from one place to another safely. The importance of these type of services increased specially due to the vehicles designed to control temperature (temperature controlled) in order to avoid spoiling of goods. Temperature controlled vehicles are […]

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How to Transport Perishable goods

We are providing Chiller truck transportation to our customers in Dubai for a long period of time. We see our trucks like babies and consider customers as their custodians. We started our services from Dubai and now covers all UAE by chain of our chiller trucks specially design to fulfill your requirement. Below are some […]

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How to Ship Food Professionally

The best time of the year happens to be summer when people can enjoy lovely food on a stunning beach with their beloved ones. However, the season also remains challenging for transporting companies, as hot weather and humidity are dangerous for their perishable foods. The modern technology has indeed made it easy to transport perishable […]

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How to Keep Food Fresh during Transportation

As you know that food products experience deterioration with the passage of time, it becomes challenging to keep them fresh for a long time, especially during transportation. It happens because of so many reasons and the most common one is the breakdown of an organic molecule that takes place spontaneously.  Be it bacteria, fungi, insects, […]

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