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A Guide to Transport Perishable Goods Safely

In today’s time, there isn’t any doubt that consumers are more concerned regarding the quality of the goods they buy from markets. Their concern increases when they are to buy sensitive and perishable products. This is the reason that the transportation of perishable goods is also a complicated endeavor and needs more care. Below, you can find some interesting points related to the transportation of perishable goods safely:

What is Perishable Good?

Well, a perishable good is any product that can lose its freshness or quality due to different environmental conditions. Meat, dairy products, seafood, flowers, vegetables, fruits, chemicals, pharmaceutical products; all are perishable products.

Why Do Perishable Goods Need Controlled Temperature during transportation?

Perishable products have a short lifespan due to their sensitive characteristics. There can be irreparable damages to them during transport if they aren’t kept under a consistent and controlled temperature. The three most important factors on which the freshness and quality of perishable products depend include controlled temperature, isolation, and time.

Vehicles should be used to Transport Perishable Goods?

As technology got much, more and more advanced vehicles are now used to transport sensitive products from one country to another is a highly controlled temperature. To keep perishable products at an ideal temperature throughout the delivery process the following types of vehicles are used:

  • Refrigerated: These vehicles are used as a non-mechanical cold source that is adequate to maintain an average interior temperature between 30ºC to -20ºC.
  • Isothermal: Isothermal vans have isolated walls, ceiling, doors, and floor, which prevent heat exchange between the interior of the vehicle and exterior temperature.
  • Freezer: Chiller Vehicles or Frozen Vans are mostly used to deliver foods and medicines. These highly advanced vehicles have a cold production mechanism that helps to maintain a consistently cold temperature between -12ºC and -20ºC.

What is the best way to Transport Perishable Products?

From one country to another, perishable goods are transported via air, rail, ocean, and ground also. For transport by ground, you can hire refrigerated trucks with a mechanized cold system. In trains, they generally use dry ice to keep goods cold enough.

Other than the ground, some people also choose a faster but highly expensive option, ‘air transport’. Today, every international airport across the world has got a special area to keep perishable goods at a controlled temperature. Another option to transport perishable goods is via Ocean. There happen to be many refrigerated ships or reefer containers that are fully equipped with a cold system to maintain a controlled temperature.

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